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Wolf Dome
Wolf Dome at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, near the Welcome Center and Wolf Enclosure
Wolf Dome BedWolf Dome Ceiling
Inside the Wolf Dome
Wolf Dome InteriorBirds of a Feather
Inside the Wolf Dome
Wolf Dome-fridge-water-cooler-WifiCamp fire between Dome and Wolf Enclosure
Wolf Dome features WiFi, Fridge, Water Cooler and a Campfire Between Dome and Wolf Enclosure
Cree howlingLuvey and Ahote
See and Learn all about Wolves, Bears, Coyote, Fox, bobcat, Lynx and Owls
Wood fire saunaHot Tub
Use our Wood Sauna nad Hot Tub
Lake Everest DockLake EverestKayak Rack on Lake Everest
Use our kayaks on Lake Everest, go fishing, swimming or just relax and stare at the mountains
Rest Room in Welcome Center with Washer DryerRest Room with Shower in Welcome Center
The Welcome Center features full Rest room with Shower and Washer-Dryer


Deb MacKenzie Memorial Wolf Dome

A two person glamping dome at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, a few miles from the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center. Sit around the camp fire, next to the spacious wolf enclosure listening to, and sometimes seeing, our wolves howl. The wolves and bears are in large enclosures, about 100 feet from the Wolf Dome, and during the day, you'll learn from us, all about wolves and bears, and the roles they play in nature. You'll also meet bobcat, lynx, fisher, coyotes, fox, owls to falcons. The Wolf Dome features Wireless Internet, flat screen TV, a picnic table and propane barbecue, heat, a very comfortable futon, a small fridge, a hot and cold water dispenser, There are two shared bathrooms, one with a shower, at the Education Center, about 100 feet away from the dome. The Education Center also sells beverages, and provides hot coffee. Use our hot tub, outside wood sauna, and then the strong in spirit can go jump in the lake! Fish, swim and use our canoes and kayaks along the West Branch of the Ausable, which in this area is also called Lake Everest. Lucky hikers have spotted moose, bear, coywolf, eagle, fox, fisher and eagles, as well as songbirds and any bird of prey you'll find in the Adirondacks, from owls to hawks to falcons and osprey, in the sloughs, or along the two miles of family friendly hiking trails in the 50 acre Wildlife Refuge. Glamping with a heavy dose of Nature, and all for a good cause, as all rents are used to fund a1,500 foot ambassador wildlife enclosure perimeter fence, as well as care of the critters you'll see and learn all about during your stay.

Steve Hall

Coyote. Coywolf


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