The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Reopens May 7th

April 4th, 2022, by Jackie Woodcock
AWR Grand Reopening May 7th 2022

April 4th, 2022, by Jackie Woodcock

 Kevin and Jackie Woodcock on left with Ashley and  Wendy Hall

Kevin and Jackie Woodcock with volunteer Ashley and original Refuge Founder, the late Wendy Hall, Photo by Steve Hall

Our names are Jackie and Kevin Woodcock and we have been given the privilege of Managing Operations going forward at AWR and carrying on a legacy started by the Halls over a decade ago.  At this time, The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge is undergoing extensive restructuring and renovations in preparation for the Grand Re-Opening this Spring.  The Refuge has been a facility for injured and orphaned wildlife with an emphasis on Education that promotes Environmental awareness and positive human – animal interactions. We will not be conducting rehabilitation at this time but we have not ruled this out for the future, however we will continue to rescue animals in need.  It has been a desire of Founders Steve and Wendy Hall to expand their Mission of Animal Rescue to include Exotic and Farm animals, both in need of human advocates for humane care. This extended effort began quite some time ago, by taking in several exotic animals formerly kept as pets and were surrendered or abandoned after subpar care.  Several farm animals have also been adopted that were either in need of a more spacious home or sustained special care injuries at their past facility.  When animals are unwanted and abandoned, we will be the sanctuary that cares for them. 

Education will remain our main priority and we will continue this mission on our Wilmington Campus with educational programs on such topics as Responsible Animal Husbandry, Geology, Biology, Ecosystems, Insects (including pollinator conservation), Reptiles, Mammals, Survival skills and many more interactive subjects for adults and children alike.  With 50 acres of forest land along the west branch of the AuSable River, the Refuge offers nature immersion and the ability to experience the healing power of the great outdoors.  It is our hope to be a retreat for inner city kids to experience mountain life and all of its glory and to be an avenue of healing for the men who serve our country.  We have created a plan for future educational programing that will engage the public in a fun and interactive way and make the most impact:

<>The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge will be implementing an education-based animal and eco exhibition. The Wildlife Refuge will reopen May 7th, and we will celebrate Wendy’s life on May 21st, scatter her ashes at the Refuge, rename the Welcome Center the Wendy Hall Welcome Center, and reopen with an expanded science program, with educational programs ranging from what we know about our place in the universe and how that will affect our future, how livestock were developed out of wild animals, and what the ongoing insect collapse means to human civilization and nature generally. Wendy's friends and followers, as well as the general public, is welcome to Wendy's Life Celebration on Saturday, May 21st.

Project #1

Operation Pollinator Rescue

The objective of Operation Pollinator Rescue is to educate the public on the global importance of our suffering pollinators.  By educating the public we hope to build a love for some of the World’s most important creatures.  We reach out locally to make a positive impact on local pollinators and their populations.

2022 Goals

             Save 1000+ Monarchs from habitat destruction

             Plant 30,000 Milkweed seeds

             Plant Native Wildflower habitats – Register as a Monarch Way Station

             Distribute & Hang  - Little Brown Bat Houses in The Adirondacks

             Distribute & Hang  - Native Bee Habitats in The Adirondacks

2022 Events


What’s The Buzz? – bee basics, identification, biology

Backyard Buzz – native bee identification, habitat restoration

Butterfly Beginnings – life cycle of butterflies

Night Flyers – moth identification, life cycle, habits

Going Batty – little brown bat habitat, conservation, place in the food chain

Flying South – migrating pollinators

Snow Birds- local Winter bird identification, habitat, winter feeding

Local efforts

Saving Pollinators from habitat destruction – raise/rear/release

Promote habitat restoration:

             Planting of Milkweed and Gardens

             Bat habitat and education project

             Bee habitat and education project

This will include the renovation and relocation of a 16’ x 24’ Butterfly Conservation House

Project #2

Amazing Wonders Maze

This project would involve erecting a 50’x50’ educational maze that will include an educational and interactive, virtual reality program on the Artivive Platform.  Education will be based on the importance of pollinators for a healthy ecosystem and worldwide food production.  Our interactive videos will cover such topics as:  Biology, Behavior, Conservation and a positive Human – Nature Interaction.

The Maze will feature a Waggle Dance Platform where visitors can direct fellow maze walkers via hand and body movements, simulating the communication between Honey Bees in a Hive.  This will promote physical activity and leadership skills both of which we believe are very important in developing youth.

Project #3

Bird Observation Tower and Sanctuary

In order to fully utilize the property enclosed within the perimeter fencing, we plan to remove the enclosure previously used to house the bears as there is no plan to house dangerous animals at this time.  The Observation deck existing at said enclosure will be retro-fitted to be handicap accessible and utilized as a bird observation tower.

The surrounding trees will be fitted with dozens of feeding and perching stations as well as natural snags to attract native birds of all kinds.  We plan to display educational plaques of local bird species that may be observed.  We will also develop three small bird blinds for amazing photographic opportunities.

Educational Programs will be conducted on the deck covering such topics as:  Biology, Migration, and responsible Human – Nature interactions.

Project #4

Recycled Trail Art Installation

This project involves erecting giant art pieces in the likeness of our local wildlife on the existing trails, utilizing natural and recycled building materials.  The intention of this installation is to bring awareness to the growing refuse issue and display information on how everyone can creatively make a difference.  Our plan is to fashion each installation after an animal that is directly affected by pollution.

As these projects will be created from repurposed items, we are only lacking funding to develop safe, handicap accessible trails which would include site work, substrate, ramps, adequate lighting, hardware, etc.

These art installations would be erected along a mile long trail that loops on the Refuge.

Project #5

Critter Camp Challenge

Here at AWR we truly believe the Children are Our Future.  Our plan is to reach out to local organizations such as: The boys & girls club, YMCA, and Inner-City Schools with our Critter Camp Challenge.  C.C.C. will be an essay driven competition where the top 3 boy’s and top 3 girl’s essays will be awarded an all-expense paid, natural adventure where we will be implementing hands on educational classes and nature skills.  This will include travel costs, housing, meals and any additional venues. This will be implemented on two separate weekends, one for boys and one for girls that is fully chaperoned.

Our intention is to reach out to other local, educational venues as well as utilizing maintained trails in the vicinity of the Refuge as additional educational platforms.  Our target area for the first year will be chosen from establishments within 100 miles of AWR, but we hope to extend this distance in the future.


Caretakers of the Children have gone through NY State Child Care Protocols.

Project #6

Military Outreach

It is our intention to contact the Chaplains of NY State Military Bases to find Families in need of a healthy, nature based get away. It is our desire to reach out to Americas Bravest Citizens and their families and provide a fully inclusive weekend experience, immersed in the healing power of Nature.

Our plan is to sponsor 3 Families in need per year.  This experience will include a travel stipend, housing, meals and local venues as well as full access to AWR owned amenities.  Expenses will be paid through gift certificate or card from local venues.

Project #7

Permaculture Project

This Permaculture Project integrates land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial initiatives imitating the no waste, closed loop systems seen in diverse natural systems.  We apply holistic solutions that are applicable at any scale.  This is a multidisciplinary project set up for public education that includes natural composting, organic agriculture, water harvesting, natural building, energy, natural soil enrichment and waste management.

As we continue going forward with our mission and restructuring the Refuge, we thank you for your continued support.  We couldn’t do this all without you!

If you would like to help fund one of our initiatives, you can send your donation to:  

Nature Walks Conservation Society

PO Box 116

Tyngsboro, MA  01879

Nature Walks Conservation Society along with public support will help sponsor future wildlife conservation based educational programs at the facility that are specifically aligned with their mission “To preserve wildlife and habitat through direct public outreach”.  We believe this is the best way to honor Wendy’s amazing life and to one day allow the many school buses from classrooms far and wide to return to the refuge where they can once again learn about the incredible natural world.

Nature Walks Conservation Society is a 501c3.  All donations submitted to them are tax deductible.

<>We hope to meet you all this Spring!


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