Adirondack Wildlife Open to Public Visits, Thursday through Monday, 10 to 4,
Mammals have been moved to Refuges out-of-state, as we become more of an Educational Site
Wendy Hall has Passed Away

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge LLC is dedicated to Nature Education
Cree with Steve Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Wendy with Luvey

The 47 acres of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge are for Sale!

What we know about Space & Our place in the Universe
Spiral Galaxy Saturn
977 Springfield Road, Wilmington, NY 12997
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Open 10 am to 4 pm, Thursday through Monday, Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Wapiti Pack in Yellowstone howling as Bull Bison ignores them
Wapiti Pack near Tower Junction in Yellowstone, howling, as Bull Bison ignores Them, by Steve Hall
We can deliver slide show lectures to your next meeting or class, for example, Moose as indicator species,
 Wolves as Keystone Predators & How We Developed Dogs Out of Wolves,
Understanding Bears as Indicator Species who teach us about Habitat,
The Collapse of Insect Populations & What That Means, the Argument for Extraterrestrial Life,
How did we create Livestock out of Wild Animals, and the impact of Human Beings on Nature.

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"God is not the voice in the whirlwind... God is the whirlwind."  Margaret Atwood

Zeebie, by Alex Alex with Cree and Zeebie Kiska, omega wolf at tyhe Refuge
Zeebie, a Great Plains Wolf, Alex with Zeebie and Cree, and Kiska. Learn about Wolves & Their roles in nature

Wolves Frolic on April 2nd, 2010

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Bull Moose Cape Breton Nova Scotia Bull Moose and Cow
Highlands National Park, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Bull Moose and Cow, Sept 2016 by Steve Hall. Learn all about Moose.
An introduction to Moose

Luvey & Ahote, ambassador bears at the REfuge Yellowstone grizzly sow with cubs by Steve Hall Adirondack Black Bear by Deb MacKenzie
Information on Adirondack Black Bears

Adirondack Mammals -Tooth and Claw, by Steve Hall Wolves, Humans, Dogs & Civilization by Steve Hall Owls of the Adirondacks, by Steve Hall
Paperback and Kindle Books by Steve Hall
The Glamping Dome is Ready!
Stay in the Deb MacKenzie Memorial Dome, and listen to the Wolves Howl!

Co-owners & co-founders Steve and Wendy Hall DR. Dan Hall, president of AWRR General Managers Aex Hall & Hanna Cromie
Left to right, Steve & Wendy Hall are Co-owners & Co-founders of Adirondack Wildlife Refuge LLC,
Dr. Dan Hall, a Veterinary Cardiologist, is Board Member of Nature Walks, while Alex Hall & Hanna Cromie are General Mgrs of AWR

Coyote. Coywolf


Gray Fox Arctic Fox
Bobcat Lynx Moose
White Tail Deer
Opossum Porcupine Fisher American Marten
Beaver Bald
Osprey Adirondack Loons
Ravens Crows & Wolves
Release of Rehabbed Animals
Learn About Adirondack & Ambassador Wildlife
Critter Cams & Favorite Videos
History of Cree & the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge
Eurasian Eagle Owl
Great Horned

Great Gray Owl

Saw Whet Owl Barn

Eared Owl


Broad Winged Hawk Swainsons Hawk Rough

Northern Harrier

Kestrel Turkey

Black Vulture

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"What but the Wolf's Tooth Whittled so fine the fleet limbs of the antelope?" Robinson Jeffers
Wildlife Refuge Google Trail Map by Anna Dieffenbach

Bald Eagle by Brenda Dadds Woodward Sylvia by Deb MacKenzie
Bald Eagle
Snowy owl by Joe Kostoss Short-earred owl by Joe Kostoss
Snowy Owl and Short-Earred Owl by Joe Kostoss
Great Horned Owl by Joe Kostoss
Great Horned Owls by Joe Kostoss

The Refuge Center is located at 977 Springfield Road, in Wilmington, New York, on 50 acres, along the West Branch of the Ausable River, about a mile downstream from Whiteface Mountain, on that section of the river called "Lake Everest."  We are available to do presentations for schools, churches, hotels and other organizations. For sample, click here.

The Refuge Center includes two miles of educational hiking trails, and a Public Fishing Access trail, which winds its way along the West Branch of the Ausable River and along three river sloughs, through forest and meadow. If you're in the area, stop by and see what's going on!

13th Annual Adirondack Habitat Awareness Day
Leghold Traps

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Great Gray Owl Porcupine Video
Wendy at Saranac Central Elementary with Luna Elementary School Presentation Screech Owl with Wendy
School Presentations

"A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestations of the profoundest reason
and the most radiant beauty  - it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude;
 in this sense, and this alone, I am a deeply religious man."
Albert Einstein

Coyote by Joe Kostoss
Galileo by Joe Kostoss

Which Came First, Feathers or Flight?

The Treasure By Robinson Jeffers

Mountains, a moment’s earth-waves rising and hollowing; the earth too’s an ephemerid; the stars—
Short-lived as grass the stars quicken in the nebula and dry in their summer, they spiral
Blind up space, scattered black seeds of a future; nothing lives long, the whole sky’s
Recurrences tick the seconds of the hours of the ages of the gulf before birth, and the gulf
After death is like dated: to labor eighty years in a notch of eternity is nothing too tiresome,
Enormous repose after, enormous repose before, the flash of activity.
Surely you never have dreamed the incredible depths were prologue and epilogue merely
To the surface play in the sun, the instant of life, what is called life? I fancy
That silence is the thing, this noise a found word for it; interjection, a jump of the breath at that silence;
Stars burn, grass grows, men breathe: as a man finding treasure says “Ah!” but the treasure’s the essence:
Before the man spoke it was there, and after he has spoken he gathers it, inexhaustible treasure.

I Found a Baby Bird
This information is from People Helping Animals, or "PAWS"

I Found a Baby Mammal

Pippin by Joe Kostoss
Pippin by Joe Kostoss

I believe in the cosmos.  All of us are linked to the cosmos. So nature is my god.
 To me, nature is sacred. Trees are my temples and forests are  my cathedrals.
Mikhail Gorbachev

Refuge Trail Guide

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Places to Stay When Visiting the Refuge with Friends & Family

"Those who dwell...among the beauties and  mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. . .
Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us,
the less taste we shall  have for destruction." 

Rachel Carson

Wolves & Ravens
Fletter By Butterfly Wendy with Pepepr, Rough Legged Hawk "Utah" -Great Horned Owl "Artemis" -Great Horned Owl
Steve with Monarch Pal, Wendy with Rough-Legged Hawk Pepper, Utah by Steve and Wendy wih Artemis

Great Places to Visit, Hike & View Wildlife

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